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Ink in the blood

Publié par Stéphanie Hochet sur 9 Février 2015, 10:33am

Sang d'encre publié en 2013 aux éditions des Busclats arrive en Grande-Bretagne chez Dedalus.

Ink in the blood traduit par Mike Mitchell paraît en avril 2015.


Translator: Mike Mitchell Cover design: Marie Lane

The anonymous narrator of Ink in the Blood has long been fascinated by tattoos, by the symbols and emblems people choose, and by the physical aspect, even pain, of a needle injecting ink under the skin. As an artist who makes his living by drawing illustrations, he starts making designs for Dimitri, a skilled tattooist, and eventually decides to undergo the process himself. He chooses a Latin phrase in the form of a cross: vulnerant omnes, ultima necat — ‘they all (the hours) wound, the last one kills’. Once it has been done, his whole being seems to change, his feelings about himself and, especially, his attitude to women. Soon however, the first two words of the tattoo fade and ultima necat becomes a threat dominating his life.

Born in Paris in 1975, Stéphanie Hochet studied English and graduated with a thesis on Elizabethan theatre. She is one of the leading novelists of the younger generation with a very individual style. She was awarded the Prix Lilas for Combat de l'amour de la faim in 2009 and the Prix Thyde Monnier for La Distribution des lumières in 2010.

Ink in the Blood was published in France in 2013.

Ink in the blood

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