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Ink in the blood dans Buzz Magazine

Publié par Stéphanie Hochet sur 22 Octobre 2015, 10:43am

Nouvel article pour Ink in the blood (traduit en anglais par Mike Mitchell, éditeur Dedalus)

'Ink in the Blood is an innovative novel by one of France’s leading novelists and is certainly interesting.
The novel is narrated by an anonymous narcissistic 45 year old artist with a fascination with tattoos, despite not having any himself. He decides to take the inky leap when he befriends Dimitri, a gifted and almost mystic tattooist, opting for a Latin phrase vulnerant omnes, ultima necat (all the hours kill, the last one kills). The tattoo changes him into a markedly different character, insecure and needy, and causes intense fear when the first line of the tattoo fades, leaving only ultima necat (the last one kills) and threatening his life.'

Buzz Magazine.

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